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White Supremacist Cop Kills Unarmed Black Civilian

Written by Shoaib

It’s happened again. A law abiding citizen of the USA has been killed by Police brutality and the victim is once again African-American. George Floyd, who worked as a security guard at Conga Latin Bistro, told officers repeatedly “Please, I can’t breathe” and “Don’t kill me” as Police Officer Derek Chauvin pinned his neck to the ground with his knee. Moments after this Floyd is taken away in an ambulance where he was pronounced dead.

The whole story is reminiscent of Eric Garner’s death, another black man who died while a white officer restrained him ignoring his pleading “I can’t breathe”. The USA has already been gripped in the legal hurdles over the killing of Ahmaud Arbery, a 25 year old unarmed African-American jogger killed by a white father and son. It took months for the guilty parties to be arrested and only now is being investigated as a hate crime.

Who is Derek Chauvin?

The Police Officer seen in the video pinning George Floyd to the ground has been identified as Derek Chauvin. After national outcry he has been fired from the department but has a history of unnecessary use of force especially on people of colour and has been accused of making racist statements.

@BillyBaldwin on Twitter claimed that this is Derek Chauvin standing next to President Trump

In 2006 Derek Chauvin was accused of using excessive force by shooting Wayyne Reyes, who he claimed had pulled a shotgun on the officers present. In 2008 he shot and wounded Ira Latrell Toles, claiming he tried to take an officer’s gun. Klevar Jacome, Darwin Vivar and Everett Vivar died after Chauvin rammed his police car at high speed into their car during a Police chase.

Some have claimed that Derek Chauvin is the man standing next to President Donald Trump during a political rally. It has also been claimed on social media that he has worn a variation of Donald Trump’s caps “Make America Great Again” which instead read “Make Whites Great Again”. However it has now come to light rhis is not Chauvin but an internet troll named Jonathan Riches.

Social Media users claimed this is Derek Chauvin wearing a cap reading the racist slogan “Make Whites Great Again”. Update: This is not Chauvin but an internet troll Jonathan Riches.

Many pointed out the hypocrisy of President Trump, who criticised Colin Kaepernick for taking a knee during the playing of the national anthem to protest the murder of black innocent people by Police. They pointed out that Derek Chauvin is also taking a knee but has not been criticised by President Trump.

Statistics show that in 2017 the number of white people shot to death by Police was 457 and the number of black people shot to death by Police was 233. This means two times more white people are shot dead by police than black people but there are 4.6 times more white people in the USA than black people. Year on year there is not much variations in these figures.


Questions need to be asked whether Derek Chauvin may have belonged to a group of White Supremacists who wanted to bring about political change in the USA. There has been an increase in domestic terrorism in the USA with the chances of being killed by a homegrown or White Supremacist terrorist being significantly more likely than by a Jihadi terrorist.

A report by the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness which shows the risk of Homegrown and White Supremacist Extremism as the greatest danger to US Security.

Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey said “What we saw was horrible, completely and utterly messed up. This man’s life matters…He was someone’s son” He said while breaking up “He should be with us this morning” He went on to say “Being black in America should not be a death sentence”

The sad reality for many black Americans is that there is a culture of racial profiling in the USA and as long as that remains, more innocent people will die.

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  • That is not Derek Chauvin in the photo at Trump rally. Please do not incite violence

    • We reported what was being said on social media. We will be looking into this today and take your comments into consideration. If need be we will change everything necessary.

      • That’s not Chauvin in the hat. It’s Jonathan Riches — an infamous internet troll.
        It only took me a few minutes to fact check this by the way.

        Riches has posed as the uncle of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter and as a Muslim supporting Hillary Clinton in the past. 

  • That is not chauvin, its another guy. A famous internet troll. I just read an article about it. I would take this down before you are discredited. I would also highly recomend fact checking your work.

  • That’s not Chauvin in the hat. It’s Jonathan Riches — an infamous internet troll.

    Riches has posed as the uncle of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter and as a Muslim supporting Hillary Clinton in the past. 

    Fact checking only took me three minutes, you arent very worried about misleading people are you.

    • When it came to our attention, we changed the article accordingly. When the article was written this information was not available, in fact many were claiming this. In the article it was never claimed that it is him, in fact we reported that it has been claimed that it is him.

      Thank you for correcting us anyway, we look forward to you correcting us in the future.

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