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White British Christian Terrorist Found Guilty

Written by Shoaib

No, I did not like writing that headline. It sickens me to bring his race or nationality or religion into the discussion of his heinous crimes, however something was clearly different in the way the UK media reported the conviction in court of this terrorist than others.

Innocent Muslim bystander Makam Ali killed by terrorist Darren Osborne

If it wasn’t clear enough from the Norway attacks that the media wishes to afford certain terrorists special treatment, it became clear when they refused to initially report Darren Osborne as a terrorist. Remember when Anders Breivik committed one of the worst terrorist attacks Europe had seen and definitely the worst atrocity in Norway since World War 2? He was called a “mass murderer” and “killer” but people had to lobby for months for him to be called what he is: A Terrorist.

With the terrorist Darren Osborne, it was similar. When it was clear that he was not a brown skinned Middle-Eastern or Asian and he was clearly not a Muslim, it was reported he was a “killer” and a “murderer” only eventually to be called a terrorist. However as the pressure died down on the media, they stopped calling him a terrorist.

The court prosecutors even clearly said they were “clear throughout that this was a terrorist attack”. Yet the media have called it a “murder” with only a few news outlets calling him a terrorist. This seems very odd, since it was not just murder but also terrorism. He did not kill the man due to a dispute or because he felt like killing someone randomly. Darren Osborne the terrorist clearly stated that “I’m going to kill Muslims…they’re all terrorists and I’m going to take it into my own hands”

The headline should not contain anything to do with his nationality, race or religion. I included it to make a point – this is how Muslims feel when a terrorist is called a Pakistani, an Arab, a Muslim, Islamic etc

As it happened

In June 2017 during the month of Ramadan, Darren Osborne plotted his terrorist attack to run over as many Muslims as possible, as described by Prosecutor Jonathan Rees QC who said evidence shows Osborne “was trying to kill as many of the (Muslim) group as possible.”

The attacker received messages from former EDL leader Tommy Robinson and Britain First Deputy Leader Jayda Fransen

He waited for the special night prayers of Ramadan known as Taraweeh to finish. When the Taraweeh prayers were prayed men, women, children and the elderly were leaving the mosque.

He had scoured London for a target and settled for a mosque in the Finsbury Park region (not the famous Finsbury Park mosque but one near it with no history of extremism). When the Muslims had started to leave the mosque and enough of a crowd formed he drove his van towards a large group injuring several people and killing one man named Makam Ali.

The only thing which stopped him from killing tens more people were bollards which stopped the van in its tracks.

Finsbury Park Mosque is different to the mosque atatcked

Callum Spencer, a Royal Engineers soldier, said “He was mumbling but I heard him say, ‘I’m going to kill Muslims, your family are going to be Muslims, they’re all terrorists and I’m going to take it into my own hands’”

Once he had killed Makam Ali and he had injured others, he smiled contently feeling he had achieved a great act. In the weeks before the attack he had followed far right hate movements such as the English Defence League (EDL) and Britain First.

He was in fact linked to these organisations having received messages from Tommy Robinson, the former leader of the EDL, and received messages from Britain First Deputy Leader, Jayda Fransen. He had researched Britain First days before the attack. Tommy Robinson’s message to him read “There is a nation within a nation forming beneath the surface of the UK. It is a nation built on hatred, on violence and on Islam”

The Aftermath

After the attack many people were horrified by what had happened, but due to the media not building up the frenzy they usually do when the terrorist is a Muslim, people did not change their profile pictures or condemn the action on social media as much. View the gallery below to see people’s reactions in support of the terrorist (53 pictures in total). See here:

While the vast majority of the British public did not support this man, some wrote in support of Darren Osborne, taking to social media to say they would “pay his court fees” or “have a welcome party when he comes out of prison” and that he was a “true patriot”. Others said it was “about time” someone did something against Muslims and others joked and laughed using Facebook’s laugh icon on the news story.

Many comments claimed Finsbury Park Mosque was linked to terrorism, not that this would be any justification for the cowardly terrorist attack, they were wrong. This mosque was another mosque which was a street away from Finsbury Park Mosque and named the “Muslim Welfare House”.

It begs the question, what has happened for people to celebrate the death of an innocent man? Why has Britain let racism and fascism run free? Why are Britain First and EDL not banned? Why are Britain First and EDL leaders not behind bars?

And finally why did no one in the pub report him when he was planning his attacks out loud? Are such conversations still going on in pubs and going unreported? Should pubs be watched the way mosques are watched?

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