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Well Known Student of Sh. Albani, dies from Coronavirus

Written by Shoaib

Earlier today one of the leading scholars of Jordan, Shaikh Ali Hasan Al-Halabi passed away from Coronavirus. The Shaikh was one of the well known students of Shaikh al-Albani and one of the founders of the ‘Imam Al-Albani Centre for Academic Researches & Methodological Studies’.

The Covid-19 pandemic is estimated to have claimed over 3 Million deaths worldwide with the number of deaths increasing daily as the second wave hits the world. The grim reality of pandemic ultimately faces us as we hear more and more of the deaths of loved ones, including the scholars of Islam.

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The last few months have seen the death of many major scholars of Islam. Shaikh Adam Al-EthiopeeShaikh Zia Ur Rahman Azami, Shaikh Falah Ismail Mandakar, Shaikh Hasan Al Banna, Shaikh Salahuddin Yusuf, Dr Muhammad Luqmaan Salafi (the secretary of Shaikh bin Baaz), Shaikh Yunus Bhatt and Shaikh Rashid Al Zannan all passed away in the last few months with some dying after contracting Covid-19.

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The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said “Allah will not take away knowledge by snatching it away from the people, rather He will take away knowledge by taking away the scholars until, when there is no scholar left, people will turn to ignorant leaders who will be asked questions and will issue fatwas without knowledge. They will go astray and lead others astray.”
Narrated by Bukhari (100) and Muslim (2673)

Scholarly Praise for Shaikh Ali al-Halabi

Shaikh Muhammad Nasirudeen al-Albani mentioned Shaikh Ali al-Halabi in As-Sahiha vol. 2, pg. 720) where while refuting Hasan Abdul Manan, Shaikh al-Albani writes that the flaws of his arguments need to be refuted, “So perhaps some of our brothers strong in this knowledge can perform that, like brother Ali Hasan al-Halabi”

Shaikh Muqbil bin Hadi al-Wadi’ was asked who to take knowledge from, to which he replied “We have spoken about this several times, however we will repeat it another time. From them are Shaikh Nasirudeen al-Albani and his noble students, like brother Ali bin Hasan bin Abdul Hamid.”

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Shaikh Abdul Azeez bin Baaz commended Shaikh Ali al-Halabi and his writings. Shaikh Bakr Abu Zaid also praised Shaikh Ali al-Halabi.

Shaikh Abdul Muhsin al Abaad in his book ‘Rifqan Ahlus Sunnahbi Ahlus Sunnah’ said about Shaikh Ali al-Halabi and other students of Shaikh al-Albani that “I also advise the students of knowledge in every land to benefit from those occupied with knowledge from the People of the Sunnah in that land; like Shaikh al-Albani’s (may Allah have mercy on him) students in Jordan who established a centre after him in his name”

A Brief Biography

He was Shaikh Ali bin Hasan bin Abdul Hamid al-Halabi. Born in 1960, the Shaikh was of Palestinian descent as his father and grandfather migrated from Palestine to Jordan in 1948 due to the turmoil caused by the creation of Israel in Palestine.

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Shaikh Ali Hasan al-Halabi studied with many scholars, but was mostly known as one of the most well known students of the great Muhadith, Allamah Shaikh Muhammad Nasirudeen Al-Albani. In 1977 while he was still in his teen years he met with Shaikh al-Albani and began studying with him. He would stay under the instruction of Shaikh al-Albani for over 20 years!

Shaikh Ali also earned ijazah from some other major scholars of his time including the Allamah Shaikh Badi-ud-deen Shah as-Sindhi, and Shaikh Muhammad ash-Shanqiti.

He was one of the founders of the Imam Al-Albani Centre for Academic Researches & Methodological Studies. He also was the founder and editor of the “Al-Asalah” magazine in Jordan as well as writing a column in “Al-Muslimoon” newspaper for two years.

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He gave lectures at several Universities and Mosques including the University of Jordan. He travelled the world and called people to Islam and visited the Indonesia, USA, UK, France, The Netherlands among many other countries.

He authored over 150 books which have been translated into many languages. According to one biography found here, his writings are:

  • ‘Ilm Usūl al-Bida’,
  • Dirâsah ‘Ilmiyyah fî Sahîh Muslim,
  • Ru’yah Wâqi’iyyah fil-Manâhij ad-Da’wiyyah,
  • an-Nukat ‘alâ Nuzhah an-Nadhar,
  • Ahkâm ash-Shitâ’ fis-Sunnah al-Mutahharah,
  • Ahkâm al-‘Îdain fis-Sunnah al-Mutahharah,
  • at-Ta’lîqât al-Athariyyah ‘alal-Mandhūmah al-Baiqūniyyah,
  • ad-Da’wah ilallah bain at-Tajammu’ al-Hizbî wat-Ta’âwun ash-Shar’î

Some of his books translated into English are:

  • Fundamental Of Commanding The Good
  • Forty Hadith on The Call to Islam and Caller
  • The Call to Allah between Group Partisanship and Legislated Co-operation
  • Advice To The Muslim Women

Coronavirus illness and death

It was reported recently that Shaikh Ali Hasan al-Halabi had contracted Coronavirus and was being treated in hospital. Today, on the morning of 29th Rabi ul Awal 1442 (15th November 2020) the Shaikh passed away.

We ask Allah to grant him Jannatul Firdaws and forgive any shortcoming. We ask Allah to give patience to his family and students.

It has also been reported that Shaikh Ali Hasan al-Halabi has been buried next to his teacher, Imam Shaikh Nasirudeen al-Albani.

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