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Palestinian State My Greatest Priority: King Salman

Written by Shoaib

In last weeks televised address and statements which followed, Saudi Arabia’s government outlined their highest priorities in domestic and foreign policy. King Salman outlined that he would defend Muslims and Arabs, going even further to say that a Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital is his first priority.

In his first major speech after ascending the throne, it was expected Salman would give a hint towards what his government’s rule will look like. After mentioning Palestine as his first priority, he stressed the importance of the international community abiding by current laws and blasted any attempts of foreign intervention in Saudi Arabia’s internal affairs. He then expressed his desire for security and stability in the world, committing himself thereafter to resolving differences through diplomacy and not violence.

‘Defence of Arab and Islamic causes – at the top of which is the legitimate right of the Palestinians to a state, with Jerusalem as its capital, will remain at the top of Saudi Arabia’s priority’
King Salman

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel have remained frozen since the Arab-Israeli wars. The nuclear armed nation Israel, whose army is three times the size of Saudi Arabia’s army, has often retorted to military action over diplomacy, which perhaps explains why last year Saudi Arabia spent nearly four times more than Israel on military expenditure.

Many European countries have recently voted in favour of Palestinian statehood which caused worry in Israel and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu began pressuring the UN and other countries to not recognise Palestine. Towards the end of the Israeli election, Netanyahu swore he would never allow a Palestinian state and would not stop building illegal settlements.

King Salman seems to have weighed in to defend Palestinians at the right time in the face of far right extremists taking over the Israeli government. Last month King Salman welcomed the Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas for brief talks in Riyadh.


The King then went on to attack the rise of terrorism in the world and pledged Saudi Arabia would fight against terrorism in all its forms. He said

“The kingdom is focused on the fight against extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, whatever its sources, and on cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries and the international organisations in the fight against this detestable menace, and in seeking to eradicate its roots and causes”

The country borders Iraq where Islamic State have gained control over some major parts of the country and ruling by some barbaric laws which all Muslims have deemed unislamic. Saudi Arabia has often been the victim of terrorism and has been instrumental in dismantling terror organisations across the world.


When Salman became King he ordered sustainable renewable energy to be explored, despite being the world’s largest exporter of oil – a non-renewable energy source. He echoed this message again and said Saudi shared a responsibility with the world.

“We are part of this world and face its problems and challenges. We all share this responsibility and will actively contribute to putting solutions for many urgent international issues, including environmental issues and the promotion of sustainable development.”

King Salman’s speech was welcomed warmly across Saudi Arabia but also across the Muslim World.

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  • Where was the Nobel king isn’t he the guardian of Al Qasa Mosque in Jerusalem when Zionist military vandalized the Mosque and they band Muslims from going to the Mosque . Where is he ?

  • There will never be peace in the Middle East until Israel is dealt with in the international criminal courts . They get by with everything when will someone stand up to them in the name of Allah (SWT ) and step out on faith .

    • There’s ways of dealing with things. Do you really believe it to be a good step towards peace to attack a nuclear armed country with an army four times that of their own?

      Diplomacy and international pressure is the only way.

  • These Saudi leaders are as Muslim as a jew they fool they public in thinking they are fighting for the rights of Palestinians and fellow Muslims but they be drinking and living a luxury life in Europe they kill Muslims in Yemen but were is there army when thousands of Palestinians are getting killed.

    • 1. King Salman does not live in Europe

      2. King Salman does not drink and has been witnessed praying in his local mosque 5 times a day. He is also a haafidh of the Qur’an

      3. They are stopping killers from killing in Yemen – very different to killing Muslims in Yemen

      4. Israel is a nuclear armed country with an army four times the size of Saudi Arabias and far more advanced. You are seriously suggesting PEACE would come out of attacking Israel. Have you forgotten the ’67 war?

      Diplomacy is the best answer and this is what King Salman has pushed for. Lets not be hot-headed but wise in our thoughts

  • Does anyone have a link of the speech? I can’t quite believe he said “Defence of Arab and Islamic causes – at the top of which is the legitimate right of the Palestinians to a state, with Jerusalem as its capital, will remain at the top of Saudi Arabia’s priority” until I hear it for myself. There are a few websites from the middle east that have attributed these quotes to King Salman but none in the mainstream hence my skeptism. Anyways, it would be great if you could post a clip to back up these claims.

  • There will never be peace in the middle east as long as its ruled by kings and dictators. Sunni-shia war will never end unless they both (along with people of other religions) have equal rights to practice their own religion. The whole sunni shia issue is with the ruling sect not allowing the other sect to practice their religion freely. Once you give people their rights they will stop fighting because there wont be anything to fight about.

  • But is it four times or 100 times bigger it does not matter to us, if you see the past we are always victory on strong armies for example jung e badar.

    May Allah unite whole ummah under one flag and and remove the puppets of western countries ruling on Muslim majority countries.

    In Sha Allah we will be strong if we unite as united at hajj.

    • The sunnah teaches us that fighting wars is the last option, especially when its unwise. Fighting against a nuclear bomb might not be wise.

  • Munafiq= They say something contrary to their bilief.Ale saud r the great munafiq., how they will fight against Israel since the establishment of both Ale Said & Israel by America & Britain.

    • Ale Saud fought against Israel, forgotten 1967 already?

      I don’t believe you have any evidence for you claims, do you?

  • assalam brother shoaibb i wa just reading your comments and mashallah when i saw the way in which you replied to everyone of them , Wallahi I felt very happy -Wallahi we do need such brothers like sheikh shoaib in our generation -Jazakkalah akhi –
    we are proud of you

  • May ALLAH bless King Salman for his righteous deeds. And we ask ALLAH to guide us the straight path of Peace. And May ALLAH bless you (Author) too for providing us this information.

  • The leader who kill muslim them selves women and children also without any remours, whoever believe yamen was under the houti power is stupid, even as an ahlul sunnah i know syiah wouldn’t attack yamen the city of knowledge and history. Salamans day will come to an end, mahdi is coming soon insyaallah

  • Assalaam Alaikoem bro Shoaib,
    Do you have the video (in english) of King Salman where he said, We are not wahabi and we follow only the Quran and Sunnah?

    BarakAllahu feek.

    Wasalaam Alaikoem to the respected King and you.

    • Wa alaykum Salam Wahid.

      I haven’t heard him say this and as such I can’t find any reference to it.

      Thanks and Wasalam

  • http://www.theatlantic.com/

    What is the diplomacy that you are talking my brother?
    Why Saudi is against Iran? Don’t you think that it’s a shameful handshake between Anwar Eshki and Dore Gold?

    Why Saudi’s government do not talk to Iranian?

    • Why is Iran against Saudi? Don’t you think that it’s shameful that Iran fuelled religious tensions in Yemen by sending in arms and arming terrorist Shi’ite groups?

      Why does Iran not talk to Saudi? Instead of funding terrorist to attack Saudi?

      • salam to all,

        how can u say that iran is against saudi?
        do u see irani arms, forces & supports to houti groups?
        do u see irani funding in saudi for terrorisim?


        • wasalam,

          Yes we see Iran fuelling arms to terrorists in Yemen. Iranian leaders have historically spoken about conquering Saudi.

  • assalam alekum brother very happy to visit your blog I am from India actually here young boys with jamate islami and ikhwani idelogy keep saying things like that saudi arab has literally done nothing for Palestinian people till the day ,could you please write an article or provide some source about the contribution or help saudi Arab has done in the last years to the palestinians

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