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Muslim Charities Save Detroit’s Poorest Residents

Written by Shoaib

The future has looked increasingly bleak over the last six months for 60,000 of the poorest residents in Detroit, USA. In an authoritarian move, any resident with an outstanding water bill was commanded to pay up or face having no water by the City of Detroit.

This move was so severe that even United Nation’s Human Right’s experts declared it a “violation of the human right to water and other international human rights.” Their words, however,  fell on deaf ears and Detroit’s Water and Sewerage Department pursued in clamping down on Detroit’s poorest residents. Shocking figures reveal that since January 2013 they have shut down the water of 31,300 residents.

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

This is where two Muslim organisations came to the rescue: Islamic Relief USA and Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) donated a whooping $100,000. The organisations went further expressing their wish for a chain reaction, where all neighbours step in to help their fellow neighbours.

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Micheal Brennan, CEO of United Way for Southeastern Michigan said the move “…creates real impact for families in our region”

Sue McCormick went further to say “I salute the MMCC and Islamic Relief USA for helping to further empower Detroiters who are in need. When we all work together to alleviate a problem and help Detroiters keep their water on — we all win.”


Dr. Ahmed of the Michigan Muslim Community Council

The Muslim Council’s Dr. Ahmed said that according to Islam they had given “the best form of charity” and said that they had been inspired by their faith and the love for their neighbours.

Michigan has the largest Muslim population and this is not the first time the Muslim community have shown their Islamic faith practically. The MMCC has a Ramadan program where volunteers set up soup kitchens right across Michigan and even to senior citizens with a home delivery service.

All Muslims must pay 2.5% of their savings every year to the less fortunate, this is separate from the alms giving the religion encourages. In 2013 research showed that the Muslims of Britain are the top charity givers ahead of their fellow faith and non-faith groups.

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