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Murdoch Took Vaccine But His Media Outlets Fuelled Conspiracies

Written by Shahid Munir

Fox News, one of the leading right wing conservative news networks in the world, has through many contributors and anchors pushed theories regarding Covid-19, including those against social distancing, wearing masks and, more recently, the vaccine.

Throughout the early days of what is now a global pandemic, some Fox News hosts stated that the threat of the virus was exaggerated. In fact some researchers in the USA have suggested that some Fox News hosts might have hindered efforts from scientists regarding social distancing. Ultimately this might have caused more people to contract the virus as it spread across the USA.

In fact Fox News was sued regarding its Covid-19 coverage, in lawsuits that were ultimately dismissed by the courts.

Recently Fox News host Laura Ingham tweeted to say that a study showed that wearing masks had little effect on slowing the spread of Covid.

However the researchers who produced the report quoted by Ingham disputed her claims. In recent days Fox News Host Tucker Carson questioned the benefits and risks of the vaccine.

Fox News had headlines about Muslims having concerns over the halal status of the Covid-19 vaccine and yet no headline stories about similar concerns from people of other faiths.

As the vaccine got closer to release, Fox News released headlines about hesitancy in the USA about taking the vaccine.

Sadly many in the ethnic minority community have listened to these hysterical stories and now they form a sad narrative in communities adversely affected by Covid-19.

Practicing the opposite of what was preached

Yet it has now emerged that Rupert Murdoch the Chairman of Fox News, the very news channel which has been pushing these theories, has received the vaccine in the UK whilst isolating at his mansion in “Shires”.

Eighty-nine year old Rupert Murdoch, received the vaccine on Wednesday 17th December 2020 at his local GP surgery which according to reports in The Guardian extended its opening hours at the last minute.

The Guardian further reported that Rupert Murdoch issued a statement saying he “had the vaccine at his local GP’s surgery after he received a call saying he was eligible”.

The Guardian reported that Murdoch said “I would like to thank the keyworkers and the NHS staff who have worked so hard throughout the pandemic, and the amazing scientists who have made this vaccine possible. I strongly encourage people around the world to get the vaccine as it becomes available.”

Even as Rupert Murdoch received his vaccine, Fox News Host Tucker Carson questioned the vaccine. In fact earlier in the year as Fox News downplayed the virus, The New York Times reported that the Murdoch family cancelled Rupert Murdoch’s 89th Birthday Party out of concern for his health.

Fox News only started changing some of it’s policies on social distancing after the cancellation of Murdoch’s birthday.

As reported by a number of outlets as Fox News continues to push its stance on Covid-19 and the vaccine, making huge profits. Reported here and here. All while their own Executive Chairman, Rupert Murdoch has been vaccinated and is isolating in the United Kingdom.

It is clear that Rupert Murdoch, an Australian born economic migrant to the UK and USA where he made most of his fortune, is sticking to accepted medical advice. It is rather ironic that Rupert Murdoch, whose Fox News assails immigrants as economic migrants, has himself been an economic migrant. Now this latest contradiction simply highlights the contradictory stance of the Murdoch media empire.

I would strongly advise the community to accept medical advice and stick to social distancing as well as to consider taking the vaccine if the medical advice is to do so.

As evidenced by the actions of Rupert Murdoch rather than the statements of his Fox News media outlet, people should consider medical advice over statements from right wing conservative media.

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