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Monkey Runs off With Indian Coronavirus Test Samples

Written by Shoaib

As bizarre news goes, this definitely comes from the top shelf of the bizarre news. In a village, called Meerut in India, a lab technician was transporting test samples of Covid-19 when the monkeys attacked. The monkeys managed to make off with 3 of the samples.

The bizarre incident took place at Meerut Medical college where Covid-19 testing was taking place. Once patients had been tested, their samples were to be checked but instead a scene from ‘Rise of the Planet of the Apes’ unfolded.

One of the monkeys took 3 samples and then sat on top of a tree chewing them. The monkey then drops one of the samples onto locals. A video of the incident is shown below.

Video shows Monkey chewing Coronavirus test samples and dropping it on locals

The incident is being investigated but for now locals are worried the monkeys could become infected and pass the infection to humans.

India Today TV interviewed a doctor at the Meerut Medical College who said that such incidents have occurred in the past. A few days ago a video went viral which showed a monkey trying to kidnap a baby from her family, dragging her away as shocked locals looked on.

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