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Major Scholar of Islam dies of Covid-19 in Kuwait

Written by Shoaib

Sad news has once again hit the Muslim world with the death of yet another scholar of Islam today, Shaikh Dr. Falah Ismaeel Mandakar. The Shaikh tested positive for Coronavirus Covid-19 on 4th October and was admitted to the hospital and then to ICU on 9th October. His wife was admitted to hospital after also testing positive for Covid-19 as her health deteriorated.

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Shaikh Falah was among the major scholars of Kuwait and an expert in Aqeedah. He taught Aqeedah at the University of Kuwait as well as delivering lectures at Mosques. He often travelled abroad to deliver lectures across the world. He was responsible for setting the curriculum for Aqeedah for the Ministry of Cultivation of Kuwait.

Shaikh Falah Ismail was asked a few months ago whether a person who died from Coronavirus would be considered a shaheed, he confirmed that they would be a shaheed. See the video above for the Shaikh’s answer.

Described as a “pioneer” of dawah by Shaikh Salih as-Suhaymee, the Shaikh was known for his soft and gentle approach to calling people to Islam. The Shaikh was known for his generosity and his smile.

In the last few months the Muslim world has witnessed the deaths of great scholars of Islam such as Shaikh Adam Al-Ethiopee, Shaikh Zia Ur Rahman Azami, Shaikh Hasan Al Banna, Shaikh Salahuddin Yusuf, Dr Muhammad Luqmaan Salafi (the secretary of Shaikh bin Baaz), Shaikh Yunus Bhatt and Shaikh Rashid Al Zannan.

A Brief Biography

Born in 1950, his name was the Shaikh, Dr. Abu Muhammad Falah bin Ismail bin Ahmad Mandakar.

The Shaikh’s biography provides motivation and hope for people who wish to continue learning in adult life. He studied and qualified as an English Language teacher, and at the age of 26 committed himself to study the religion of Islam.

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He then travelled to study at the Islamic University of Madinah in 1976, gaining his Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate there.

He studied under many scholars. A few of his teachers are mentioned here:

  • Shaikh AbdulAziz bin Abdullah bin Baaz
  • Shaikh Nasiruddin Al Albani
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin Salih bin Uthaymeen
  • Shaikh Salih ibn Fawzan al Fawzan
  • Shaikh Abdul Qadir bin HabibUllah as-Sindhi
  • Shaikh Dr. Hammad Ansari
  • Shaikh Dr. Muhammad Aman al Jaami
  • Shaikh Umar bin Muhammad Falatah
  • Shaikh Abdul Muhsin Al Abaad
  • Shaikh Rabi bin Hadi al Madhkali
  • Shaikh Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad al Ghunaymaan
  • Shaikh Abdul Karim bin Murad al Athari
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin Mukhtar ash-Shanqiti
  • Shaikh Ahmad bin Taawit at-Tanji
  • Shaikh Ali bin Sinan
  • Shaikh Ahmad bin Marlum Ash-Shinqiti
  • Shaikh Dr. Zayn al Abideen
  • Shaikh Abdullah bin Hammad al Hammad
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin Humood al Waili
  • Shaikh Abdur-Rauf al Labdi
  • Shaikh Abu Bakr bin Jabir Al Jazairi
  • Shaikh Ahmad al-Azraq
  • Shaikh Ali bin Mushrif Al-Amri
  • Shaikh Muhammad bin Ramadaan al Muqri
  • Shaikh Dr. Ali bin AbdurRahman al Hudhayfi

According to Arriqaaq website who shared his biography of 2009 written by (the no longer available) Mahad-ul-Furqan and the mandakar website, some of the Shaikh’s written works they shared included:

  • Al-‘Alāqah bayna at-Taṣawwuf wat-Tashayyu‘ (The Relationship between Sufism and Shī‘ism)
  • A Verification of Three [branches] of Shu‘ab-ul-Īmān (The Branches of Īmān).
  • Nuz‘at-ut-Takfīr, Khuṭūratuhā wa-‘Ilājuhā (The Inclination Towards Tafkīr, its Dangers and Solutions)
  • Ar-Ruqā ash-Shar‘iyyah bayn-at-Tanzīl wat-Taṭbīq (The Legislative Ruqyā between Revelation and Application)
  • Al-I‘tiqād al-Wājib Naḥw-aṣ-Ṣaḥābah (The Obligatory Creed Concerning the Companions)
  • Al-I‘tiqād al-Wājib Naḥw-al-Qadar (The Obligatory Creed Concerning the Divine Decree)
  • Al-Ashā‘irah Laysū min Ahl-is-Sunnah wal-Jamā‘ah (The Ashā‘irah are not from Ahl-us-Sunnah wal-Jamā‘ah)
  • Al-‘Aqīdah Awwalan (The Creed is First)
  • Al-Akhlāq al-Islāmiyyah (Islamic Character)
  • Al-Milal wan-Niḥal (Religions and Denominations)
  • Al-‘Aqīdah(Creed)
Nearly 2-3 Million have died of Coronavirus and nearly 1 Billion are dead according to the latest research. This video explains how and why the second wave needs to be taken seriously.

I ask Allah to forgive any shortcomings of the Shaikh and admit him to Jannat-ul-Firdaws. I ask Allah to preserve the scholars of Islam and guide us all. I ask Allah to also rid the world of this pandemic. Ameen.

Written 21/10/2020. The sources for the above were from conversations with scholars and student’s of knowledge as well as his unofficial short biographies online such as the one shown here

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