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Kuwait’s Emir Sheikh Sabah has died aged 91

Written by Shoaib

Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, the Emir of Kuwait, has died aged 91. His half-brother, the Crown Prince Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmed, has succeeded him as Emir.

Sheikh Sabah ruled Kuwait since 2006 and has been involved with Foreign Policy for over 50 years. After his efforts to restore relations with Iraq after the 1990 invasion of Kuwait, he was dubbed the “dean of Arab diplomacy.” He has long been a mediator between Arab states.

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Earlier this year he had travelled abroad for medical treatment for an undisclosed condition after an operation in Kuwait.

The Sabah family has ruled Kuwait for over 260 years. Kuwait has an open parliament where criticism is even allowed of the ruling family.

The New Emir

Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmed al-Sabah, is 83 years old and has been Crown Prince since 2006 and has served Kuwait for nearly 60 years. He is the son of the 10th Ruler of Kuwait, Sheikh Ahmad Al-Sabah.

Sheikh Nawaf, the new Emir of Kuwait

From the age of 25 he was the Governor of Hawalli until 1978 when he became Interior Minister. In 1998 he became Defence Minister and went on to occupy several senior roles in Government.

It is said that he is popular among the youth of Kuwait as he has often backed programmes for the youth. Sheikh Nawaf also was well known to have supported National unity among the GCC.

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