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French Intelligence Aided & Financed ISIS and Syrian Al Qaeda: Reports

Written by Shahid Munir

It has emerged that French Industrial Company Lafarge helped finance Daesh (ISIS) in return for running its cement factory in war-torn Syria in Jalabiya. This, however, is not the most stunning part of the revelation.

The financing of Daesh (ISIS) by Lafarge was done with approval and later even with the aid of the French Intelligence Services, part of the French Government according to reports.

In documents obtained by the Anadolu Agency (Turkey) the depth of the relationship between Daesh (ISIS), Lafarge and the French Intelligence Services is outlined.

Lafarge is accused of paying at least €13,000,000 to the terrorist organisation.

Incredibly whilst this stunning revelation comes to light, Lafarge and the French Intelligence Services may not face criminal trial because the top court in France has merely referred the matter back to lower courts for investigation.

Not only did France contribute to the rise of extremists in Syria thereby displacing many Syrians from their homes and directly leading to the killing of others. France then refused to accept an increased number of refugees and instead blamed Muslims for the mess that France helped create and profit from.

No Criminal Trial, More Blaming Muslims

These dirty and shameful dealings by French Company Lafarge and the French Intelligence Services which are part of the Government of France come despite the public rhetoric of French Leaders in targeting Islam and Muslims. The French Government has basically funded extremism and then demonised Islam and Muslims to cover up their own shameful dealings.

On top of that and despite knowing this information, French President Emanuel Macron accused Turkey of supporting Daesh (ISIS) when it now comes too light that the support had been coming from France.

Such was the depth of relationship that Lafarge established a network of relations that it used in the region with the approval and later assistance of the French Intelligence Services. All in violation of international sanctions.

Lafarge had paid ISIS to run its cement factory in war-torn Syria in Jalabiya, which is approximately 150km (95 miles) northeast of the regional capital Aleppo. Lafarge only left Syria when its partner Daesh (ISIS) seized its cement plant and not because of any terror concerns.

The scandal began around 2012, but the documents revealed so far are from 2014 when the relationship was already established. In January 2014 a Lafarge Director emailed the Ministry of Interior’s intelligence directorate, highlighting that Lafarge was still operating inside Syria and wanted to establish relations with “local actors”.

Syrian Al Qaeda linked too

In his testimony in court an Intelligence Officer from the French Secret Service said that they took advantage of the Lafarge Factory. The Intelligence Officer further stated that Lafarge sold cement to all armed groups including Daesh (ISIS) and Nusra Front (Al Qaeda Syria).

In one exchange in September 2014, Lafarge Security Manager Veillard and the French Ministry of Interior intelligence, a French Intelligence Agent asked “Can you give more details about the cement going to Daesh (ISIS)?”

It is clear from the comfortable manner of requesting information that the French Government was aware of the relationship between Daesh (ISIS) and Lafarge.

The Anadolu Agency which broke the story, stated that documents showed that more than 30 meetings took place between Lafarge and various branches of French Intelligence services including French domestic, foreign and military intelligence services in 2013 and 2014 alone. This level of involvement clearly illustrates that this wasn’t a one-off event.

“Most Important Investment” Will Likely See No Sanctions

The depth of the relationship wasn’t restricted to the running of the cement factory and included other areas such as material and fuel purchases as well as financing.

According to Paris Attorney General Office, Lafarge’s plant manager Bruno Pescheux testified that after Daesh (ISIS) seized the region, the factory started paying Daesh $20,000 each month. At the same time the French Government called the Lafarge facory “France’s most important investment” in Syria, whilst opposing its closure. The relationship between Daesh and France then grew. This at a time when the United Nations took a decision to pursue any financial ties with terrorist groups in Syria.

Lafarge’s head of security Veillard in October 2013 wrote a note, reading “Sent to French foreign intelligence (DGSE)“. (AA)

In fact Lafarge kept operating in Syria after 2011 when most other international companies had left and with sanctions being enforced in some areas by the United Nations. In this period Lafarge not only paid Daesh (ISIS) $20,000 per month but they also purchased raw materials for their factory from Daesh (ISIS). The upper level of funding is still unknown because Lafarge used “intermediaries” and fake invoices to arrange the purchase of raw materials from Daesh (ISIS).

“It becomes more and more difficult to operate without being required to directly or indirectly negotiate with these networks classified as terrorist networks by international organizations and the USA,”

– French Memo

The New York Times reported “On June 29, 2014, ISIS declared a caliphate in Syria and Iraq. The same day, the factory’s senior risk manager alerted his superiors in an email to a meeting he had set up with a “head of the Islamic State.” He wanted to ensure that Lafarge’s deals with the group would be maintained, according to the court documents.”

Turkey Blamed Despite Being Targetted by ISIS

The New York times further reported that two weeks after this, Daesh (ISIS) “detonated a truck bomb at a Turkish-owned cement plant.” – Yet the French Plant remained untouched!

These stunning revelations raise more questions about the role of France in outwardly blaming Islam and Muslims for extremism while at the same time France maintains an intimate relationship with extremist terror groups that are opposed by the vast majority of ordinary Muslims.

What is needed now is France to release all documents which can show the dirty financial dealings with Daesh (ISIS).

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