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Fake News Video Lies Against Saudi Moonsighting

Written by Shoaib

A video being spread on social media currently claims Saudi Arabia got the Eid moon sighting wrong. It begins with a professional looking rotating Globe which deceives the most naive viewers to believe it is an actual News Channel. Then a worried man appears, in what looks like a borrowed suit, who explains in the strongest of Iranian accents possible, falsely announcing that the Saudi Arabian moon sighting was wrong.

In the bottom left we see the name of who is speaking for “Shia waves” and in the top right hand of the screen we see “Imam Hussain” written in English under an Arabic logo which also reads “Imam Hussain”. Its pretty obvious by now what it going on.

If the signals were not clear the video is a fake, the “reporter” goes on to make preposterous claims; that the planet Saturn was confused for the crescent moon. To back up his lies he falsely claims that Al-Arabiyya and Al-Jazeera have reported this as well and that it has caused anger in many Muslim nations.

If anyone was labouring under the illusion that this wasn’t a lie, he generously hands out more of them “Saudi government officials has reportedly apologised to their nation and said that they paid One billion and six million Riyals as kaffara (expiation) for the entire Saudi nation” – a claim of something which again, simply did not happen.

This is nothing new. These lies have always been thrown at Saudi Arabia by those who disagree with the nations ideology or foreign policy. In 2011 rumours were spread and every year since.

Saturn with Venus below it

Saturn with Venus below it

Jaag TV shows the moon sighting of Saudi Arabia

Jaag TV shows the moon sighting of Saudi Arabia

On the left you can clearly see the moon which was seen is Saudi Arabia, as reported by Jaag TV of Pakistan. For the sake of reference I’ve included what Saturn and Venus (the bright one) look like in the sky. A question arises: How could anyone confuse the two?

Wait. Rub that.

The real question is why would anyone accuse Saudi of confusing the two? Why would someone go to such a length to spread lies against Saudi Arabia? Is this part of Iran’s ideological attack on Saudi Arabia?

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  • Propoganda against islam an muslims is not new and I pray you succeed in your efforts. Moon sighting rule ensures that the hijri calendar will always be accurate to within a day but we need a global authority or shura so that everyone follows the same calendar rules. These then need to be freely distributed for all to follow and apply to software.

  • Islamic world has been worried over this video since its emergence but have not heard any rebuttal from the saudi Arabian government. Does it mean that what the video purport is true ? Or is Mr Shoaib the spokesperson of saudi government because I personally felt this is beyond Mr Shoaib and we are waiting to hear from the saudi state

    • It is a matter of concern to many muslims and does warrant a response from at least the saudi clergy ..Besides why would anybody leave there fingerprints and id marks all over the fake video.l think its planted by some dumb saudi supporters in there ongoing propaganda warfare, coached by there new found friends and protectors,the Yahud and Nasara western nations who will do their darnest to create tensions divisions internecine warfare in the muslim world for whom they care nothing about except to exploit there resources and which they can then easily dictate to and lord over.

    • Saudi’s don’t need to reply to these unknown, insignificant news houses. They need to reply to allegations when they came from a prominent, influential and noteworthy news sources.

  • If the video Is true who pays the kafaara of Ghanaian muslims who followed them to break the fast on Friday and others around the muslim world.

  • Iran and Saudi are Muslim nation – someone from outside world is trying to make Muslim nations apart – let us be careful on this to avoid fight each other and fight with our Muslim sisters and brothers.

    • Are those who accuse of all the SAHABAS, including KHALIFAH ABU BAKR, Omar, Osman KAFIRS, who worship the tombs of Husin r.a. in Karbala, Zainab r.a. the daughter of Ali r.a. in Damascus, Abu Lo’lo’, the assassin of KHALIFAH Omar r.a. in Iran, who make supplications to Ali r.a., Fatimah r.a., Husin r.a. which are ALL SHIRK, MUSLIMS?

  • @mr shoaib this is not the first time Saudi government will take back there decision on moon sighting, I hope you know that

  • salam
    my brothers we must trust one another in times like this but we must also not follow blindly theres enough tech to forcast or predict the future. having that been said the eyes dont lie if the crescent moon is in the sky its for all to see with the naked eye wether we are from 1 sect/branch of islam or the other the roots are the same allah may allah bless all muslim and unite us

  • Even if this is Iranian Shia propaganda. A screenshot from a Pakistani tv channel does not prove that what we are seeing is indeed the hilal that the people in Saudi Arabia witnessed. This photo can be from anywhere and anytime.

  • Whether Saudi saw the moon or not, they did it for their country only. Saudi has never imposed on anyone to follow them. Therefore the blame should be on countries that follows Saudi blindly and their local community leaders for not bothering to go moonsighting.

  • One should stick to facts. The fake news report is disappointing to say the least. However, there was indeed an absence of any sighting in Al-Makkah Al-Mukarramah because it was overcast and rained all-day. We’ve tried sighting the moon with astronomers during past announcements and could see Mars but no moon. Without going into politics, the truth remains that the regime decides Eid dates and not the facts. No need to defend the undefendable either especially when the evidence is to the contrary and open for everyone to check for themselves:

    (I’m a Sunni by the way!)

  • I’ve been hearing about this for several days and don’t believe it personally. Saudi officials and religious bodies aren’t numpties who can’t determine a hilal from Saturn, are you telling us UAE saw Mars? They also confirmed a sighting. There’s no mention of who exactly these “Saudi officials” are who are regretful for a supposed “mis-sightin.g” The reporter doesn’t sound convincing at all, look at his style, reeks of fakism!

  • JazakALLAH khairun brother. We all know the truth, yet naive people fall for these tricks by the cursed ones. Unfortunately a lot of youngsters are falling into this fitna.

  • ok. if it is untrue , let the saudi government put halt by objecting this fake news and put them in a court of law and claim 100 billion dollars for the fake news and thereby giving bad picture of saudi arabi. whenever you go against the teaching of prophet sallallaahu alaihi vasallaam see the crescent by naked eye, if cloud bars you seeing the crescent, make shaaabaan as 30. why you about having a binacular, flight and other all facilities you have and try to prove there is crescent on the sky.

  • Why can’t Saudi Arabia government come up to clear the air over the issue and there is misunderstanding between Iran and Saudi Arabia let them not affect other Muslim world please

  • Masha Allah.
    May Almighty Allah bless and reward you for exposing the Devil.
    May Allah punish him for misleading the Ummah.

  • Pls, everyone should listen to the Video again, because from all the comments it seems, people commenting here did not listen to the Video very well, if they did they will understand that this Video was an earlier happened maybe some years back, and some body somewhere because of mischief and cause confusion between the Muslim ummah just started circulating the Video. [23/05, 8:52 pm] Abdullahi Ahmed: Kaji comment din wani akan wannan video:👇🏿
    [23/05, 8:52 pm] Abdullahi Ahmed: Please people should fear Allah. Why bringing this stale news of years back at this time just to cause confusion among Muslims? Can you now understand why Allah’s anger is manifesting in the form of covid-19?
    [23/05, 8:53 pm] Abdullahi Ahmed: Me and you know that Saudi government never announced sighting of moon on Friday.

  • Jazakallahu khairan.
    Really you have clarified the issue to the extent that everyone will get to understand the true picture of the situation by given as many as possible references to back up your assertion. Thanks a lot.

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