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After China, Now France Introduce Laws to Control Islam

Written by Shoaib

Islam has long been a uniting factor in the world, uniting many races across the globe under a common faith. One would not have expected that Islam would also unite the right and left wings of politics in France; albeit united upon the hatred of Muslims and their religion.

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An anti-Muslim law known as the “Separatism Bill” is drumming up support under the veil of “security problems” in France. The false idea that Islam poses a security threat is commonly parroted in French politics. From the to-be-leader of the Green Party calling insecurity in France “unbearable” to the extreme right wing Marie Le Pen calling France a “security shipwreck”, right and left have found common ground.

France however is more secure than almost ever before in history. Violent crimes, crimes by immigrants and even terrorism are at all time low. Despite this, the French Interior Minister said “violence will continue to increase… if our fellow citizens are convinced that nothing is done for them”.

Islam ruled parts of France as early as the 700’s. Islam has been part of European history for 1400 years. We cover this in our new book which you can buy by clicking here.

French President Macron announced his fight against what he termed “Islamist Separatism” in February, using the term for the first time in October 2019.

The “Separatism Bill” would give the government special draconian powers to instil French born and trained state-controlled Imams. It would prevent almost all funding of Mosques from outside of France. Mosques would be forced to promote and abide by a “contract of engagement on secularism”.

Muslims would be forced, under such a contract, to accept French secularism, with no chance to have freedom of speech or opinion. This would mean rejecting certain tenants of faith of the Islamic religion.

Most of the bill is shrouded in secrecy as yet, with full details due to emerge in October. The Bill is expected to gain support from all across the board in parliament.

Muslim leaders have voiced concerns around the Bill. The President of the French Council of Muslim Worship, Muhammed Moussaoui, said they would oppose any targeting of Muslims.

Militant Secularism?

The Bill in France is specifically targeted at Muslims and seems similar to to the Separatist laws in China. While now China has detained over 1 Million Muslims in concentration camps, the journey started in 2013 where the Chinese government claimed the Uighurs were Islamic Separatists. China is also a secular anti-religion state like France.

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With such politically charged language against a particular group of people, perhaps it is time to ask: Is Europe is going down the same path as 90 years ago with the emergence of Nazism. Hitler himself stressed repeatedly that Nazism was a secular ideology (The Third Reich at War).

Questions need to be asked about how to contain anti-religious Secularism. The greatest atrocities ever committed were often by Secular leaders. The most prolific murderer in history is the secular Communist Mao Zedong, who caused the death of around 78 Million people, followed in second place by another secular Communist, Joseph Stalin, who caused the death of 23 Million People. Both managed to kill more than the third place: The secular Nazi, Adolf Hitler who killed 17 Million people.

France ruled people must wear face veils when going out or they would be fined. They also ruled that if Muslim women wore a face veil they would be fined.

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