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Written by Shoaib

Recently it was reported in the mainstream media that Winston Churchill attacked Islam with some ruthless and horrific words wrapped up in seemingly racist sentiment. This was a few weeks after the same mainstream media reported that Winston Churchill wanted to convert to Islam and the only thing which prevented him from becoming a Muslim was pressure from his family.

This wasn’t the first of conflicting reports from the mainstream media on historical facts and the current affairs of the Muslim World. They called Queen Victoria’s close confidant Abdul Kareem the son she felt she never had here and here but also claimed he was her secret crush here and here. The confusion doesn’t seem to limit itself to the Islam’s British legacy but journalism seems to lose all bearing when it comes to any matter to do with Muslims.

According to the mainstream media Egypt’s President Mursi was an angel and a devil, Saudi Arabia’s King was a reformer and not, Pakistan’s Prime Minister is good for business and corrupt and the Turkish Premier is the greatest thing to happen to Turkey and not.

All of this confusion, in my opinion, originates from the bias which the journalists and media companies fester within themselves when it comes to reporting.

Here is where the Muslim World Journal is born.

I am not a journalist – thank God – but I love researching and keeping a close eye on world affairs, especially the Muslim World. So I aim to write what I find without bias and sensationalism but also without hatred and maligning anyone unnecessarily. Facts with opinion based on facts with an open heart to discussion.

We have only one goal: A better researched world

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