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The Islamic history they didn't teach you at school

Bringing the shining history of Islam out of the shadows, like never before. The book goes through the small and major events in Islamic history which shaped the Muslim world today.

This is the knowledge you missed when growing up.

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Hardback Book

Enjoy 30 days as a beautifully illustrated, hardback book.

30 Video Series

Each event told in a glorious, captivating documentary video


Each event told in a glorious, captivating documentary video

Did you know?

  • Writings from North America show that Muslims landed on Plymouth Rock some 700 years before Columbus?

  • An English King reverted to Islam as early as the 700s

  • An African Muslim exile returned to his city 20 years later to build a new society uplifting women and excelling Africa to a status enviable today

This is just a small taste of what we explore in
30 Days that Changed the Muslim World.

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Reclaiming lost heritage and history

Advances in the entertainment industry and cultural dominance of powerful countries means we know of the American civil war but not the Muslim civil war.

We know of the games of thrones of the British War of Roses, but not of the stories of Golden Age of Islamic history.

We know the Chinese, but not the Muslim dynasties.


The Butterfly Effect,
causing the founding of Empires

We explore minuscule events which literally lead to the changing of the world. Learn how an Arab and Indian man crossing paths on Hajj changed the face of the Muslim world forever. What small decisions lead to the downfall of Muslim Spain? How a Twitter movement for a fairer society ended up causing years of civil wars to date in the Muslim world.

Africa leads the World

Learn about how a man beaten and kicked out of the city, returned 20 years later at the helm of an army going on to found one of the World’s greatest modern Kingdoms, a time when Africa lead the world.

Female role models at the
forefront of society

We explore how women were at involved members of early Muslim society against the norms of cultural repression.

Telling the story of the death of a well travelled female companion of the Prophet (Saws) Umm Haram bint Milhan, who joined her husband on the first Muslim naval campaigns which saw the Muslims enter the borderlands between Arabia and Europe, consequently becoming one of the first Muslims buried in Cyprus.


Phenomenal events, better than Hollywood, only true.

We explore some of the most unbelievable heroic parts of history such as when Muslim armies pulled ships over hills on land, to place them behind naval defences of their enemy, fulfiling a prophecy of Muhammad (saws).

Individual decisions benefited
the entire Muslim nation

We explore how decisions by certain individuals ended up not just being personal but impacted the Muslim world forever, such as when one Imam stood against the entire nation’s misguidance and stood up to the King of the time. Another Imam whose passion drove him to compile the most authentic book in the world, second only to the Quran.


Lost history is sometimes concealed history

Did you know that in the 700’s (700-800CE) Muslims had made it to America and even started a school teaching locals in California? And that in this century Muslim lands extended to areas of Germany and France? Or that its highly likely this century saw a Muslim King of England?

Mass Stockholm Syndrome

While many of us will know of the history of King Henry VIII’ wives or the English Oliver Cromwell civil war or Abraham Lincoln and America’s civil war and George Washington and the war of independence.

As Muslims, we do not know the first of second Muslim civil wars or about the Muslim slaves who founded an empire? What’s the difference between a Seljuk and a Mamluk, Tughluq and a Ghauris?

Lasting Conflict

The disputes of historical accounts of what happened 14 centuries ago which still causes conflict today. We explore the Sunni-Shia dispute through a non-biased, historical lens.

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Why is history so important?

Looking back, helps us look forward. It gives us real role models to aspire to. There’s a reason why history was burnt as punishment, it helps us know our place in the complex world. This is what gives us purpose and resolve in our goals, this is what changes the world. The future generations must know their identity.

“How tonight resembles last night, how today resembles yesterday. It is upon us to contemplate over history – and read biographies. To know our place, to know what it is we are upon”

Salih Al Fawzan.

Muslim Scholars have encouraged Muslims to learn about Islamic history.

The Team

Shoaib Hussain

Curator of Exhibition Hajj, writer on Muslim World Journal, CEO of Hujjaj.co

You may recognise Shoaib from our history of successful non-profit and charity projects, including our raise of over £100K total for the Rohingya in 2017 with a single viral Whatsapp video and developing a national touring exhibition, Exhibition Hajj, to inspire Muslim youth with incredible stories and history of Hajj from the Western perspective.

Taiyab Raja

Founding member of Exhibition Hajj, co-founder Hujjaj.co, CEO Pragmatik.

Shahid Munir

Founding member of Exhibition Islam and Exhibition Hajj

Why I must write this book

By Shoaib Hussain

“I’ve always taken an interest in History and my only favourite TV show is ‘Who do you think you are’ where people trace their family lineage. Some episodes have seen people trace their forefathers all the way to 1066, a thousand years!

When I was young and dad was going to Pakistan I said “We only know the names on the family tree going up to your great-grandfather, could you find out some more?” He said “sure, I’ll go to the village registry office”

I waited patiently and then he called! He said he checked the registry office and there is a record for his father but his grandfather’s record is not there…

“Why?” I asked. His response shocked my younger nave self “Because it was burnt by the British Empire as punishment for Indian’s rebelling British rule over India.”

So while British history could be traced all the way to 1066, I couldn’t get past 1866. There are examples of African history being destroyed as well as other colonised nations.

And then in the years that followed I realised that while I could tell you all the Kings and Queens and their stories from the War of Roses to the current Queen of England, I couldn’t even name the Muslim Kingdoms. My Stockholm syndrome to European History bega falling away and I began questioning, what’s a Tughluq and a Seljuk. I had though a Golden Horde was a treasure find, and an Ottoman was a stool.

And so I’ve started diving deep into the events of history to reach this point in life where I am putting together 30 events from Islamic history which shaped the Muslim world today, so that you can learn the Muslim history you were never taught. This is how we preserve it and teach it to future generations.

The drama and excitement of the real Muslim ‘game of thrones’ and the political lessons are phenomenal. Some of the stories could not have been imagined by the best fiction writer, yet here they are as true events of history. From various spectrums of the Muslim Ummah, we find torchbearers and role models.

Wouldn’t you like to read the 30 days which changed the Muslim world? And teach your children this rich history.

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Your donation will include a copy of the publication, in the formats you choose.

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