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1,400 year old Quran Scans Released

Written by Shoaib

The fragments of a nearly 1,400 year old Quran have been scanned in for anyone to read. The University of Birmingham found the fragments of the ancient Quran which may have been written in the time of the Prophet Muhammad ().

Below the pages we have published the University of Birmingham’s scanned images so that Muslims can read pages not read for centuries.

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  • Thanks Shoaib!
    Will you please give the relevant verses from the Quran in vogue against the writings in the manuscript under discussion, for easy comparison?
    Are these the only pages they have found or there are others that have not been scanned?

    • From my understanding these are the only pages. There is four which are very old and the rest are more recent.


  • Following is the list of chapters/verses of Quran of the above scanned pages of Quran:

    1. The Holy Quran : Chapter 19: Maryam مَریَم
    2. The Holy Quran : Chapter 20: TaHa طٰه
    3. The Holy Quran : Chapter 4: Al-Nisa’ النِّسَاء
    4. The Holy Quran : Chapter 5: Al-Ma’idah المَائدة
    5. The Holy Quran : Chapter 6: Al-An`am الاٴنعَام
    6. The Holy Quran : Chapter 18: Al-Kahf الکهف
    7. The Holy Quran : Chapter 6: Al-An`am الاٴنعَام
    8. The Holy Quran : Chapter 4: Al-Nisa’ النِّسَاء
    9. The Holy Quran : Chapter 4: Al-Nisa’ النِّسَاء

    I have compared the text with the present Quran, there is no difference.


    • Hi Saud,

      Interesting points raised in your article. This is one of the reasons why in my Sky News interview I said Muslim scholars ought to have a look at it too.


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