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15 year old Pakistani owns Dota2 Asian Championship

Written by Shoaib

In yesterday’s Dota 2 Asia Championship final, Sumail Syed with his team Evil Geniuses shocked excited game watchers by crushing opponent team Vici.

Having moved to the US from Pakistan only a year ago, this was his first big tournament. He had only recently been picked by the popular Evil Geniuses after he showed off his skill in the in-house gaming league of North America.

If there was any doubt of Sumail’s skill, game 3 proved a turning point where he achieved most deaths by the 5 minute mark than other player in the Dota2 Asian Championship and the second most deaths by the 10 minute mark, paving the way for his teams victory. This lead the host to joke that one of the heroes of the game “Storm Spirit” should be renamed Sumail. He joked back that he deserves it.

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Most commentators said they see a bright future ahead for Sumail. He has inspired many e-gaming Muslims and Pakistanis fans worldwide. Don’t worry guys you can also follow him on Twitter and Facebook.

Sumail’s team won $1.2Million of which he can claim $250,000. Commenting on future plans Sumail says he has his eyes set on TI5 which is the biggest tournament in e-sports with a prize pool of over $10Million.

Sumail was asked by the host “There are many 15 year old players here in china, how do you think can they be like you?” Sumail’s light spirited reply? “Work hard, but its hard to be like me”

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